The Corn Refiners Association produces a number of useful resources for its member companies, industry customers, students, and the general public.

Read the economic impact analysis Cost Impact of Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law on Consumers Nationwide.

To learn more about the corn refining industry in general, please see our Annual Reports.  Each report explores the corn refining industry from a different perspective.  Topics include social and environmental contributions, corn’s role in the global economy, corn’s role in a healthy diet, and more.

"Tapping the Treasure" is one of our Informational Brochures that is ideal for educators to help students understand corn refining and the various ways refined corn products enhance our lives.

For a more technical description of the products of the corn refining industry and the process to produce them, please see our Technical Booklets.

A series of White Papers on food safety measures employed by the corn wet milling industry provide background information and details on various control and management procedures.

A variety tools and Industry Resources are available to corn refiners and their customers including analytical methods, software, technical data, and guidelines.

In this section, you will also find links to a variety of useful Statistics as well as Links to pertinent government agencies and other resources of information.