The Corn Refiners Association has compiled analytical methods for determining properties of corn and corn wet milled products to assist the corn refining industry and its customers. The CRA publishes these methods as a service and emphasizes they do not in any way prescribe or restrict the internal scientific activities of any company.

A company or its personnel may use a given method for their own work. Commonly understood, analytical methods may also serve as procedures for referee purposes.

These methods do not cover the entire range of the industry's products. The methods contained here include common or usual methods for the analysis of corn and finished products.

Microbiological Methods are also available.

Please read the following information before downloading individual methods.

The methods available from the CRA website are intended for use by individuals properly trained in the safe handling of chemicals and equipment in the laboratory. Therefore, there are not detailed references to all hazards associated with all materials used in the methods. However, personnel should be capable of observing all safety precautions before performing any method, including the appropriate personal protective equipment to be worn, spill prevention, spill management and waste disposal.

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