The requirements for analysis of food products for microbial content have widened considerably. Because of this increased emphasis in the food industry on microbial content of foods, the Association compiled the microbiological methods. Because microbiological analysis relies on highly specialized procedures, the Association decided to produce this collection separate from the CRA Analytical Methods.
However, one may view these methods as procedures for referee purposes at such times as it may become necessary or useful. Likewise, these procedures in no way bind the internal practices of any member company or its relations with any outside entity.

The Association makes no claim as to the completeness of this work, and hopes it will expand both in scope and detail as the industry grows and changes. As additional methods are developed, they will also be available on the CRA website.

Please read the following information before downloading individual methods.

The microbiological methods available from the CRA website are intended for use by individuals properly trained in the safe handling of chemicals, equipment and microbial cultures in the laboratory. Therefore, there are not detailed references to all hazards associated with all materials used in the methods. Certain reagents called for may require special handling and disposal techniques. Users are counseled to refer to supplier's Material Safety Data Sheets and/or other sources of hazard communications material for specific handling and/or disposal instructions for such reagents. It is possible that viable, pathogenic organisms may be present when testing contaminated samples. Therefore, appropriate laboratory safety practices for handling potentially pathogenic organisms should be followed.

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