Food Safety Information Papers: Pathogens
What procedures are followed to minimize the risk that food ingredients from the corn wet-milling industry will contain microbial pathogens that might pose a significant health risk in food products?

Ensuring Integrity in the Corn Wet Milling Process In the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11 and the ensuing anthrax scare, many consumers have sought reassurance that the nation's food supply remains safe. For members of the Corn Refiners Association ensuring the safety of corn wet milled products has always been an integral part of our success as one of the most productive, best characterized and well understood industrial food processes in the world.

Explosion Prevention Many food and industrial products produced by member companies are dry powders or crystals. If mishandled, some of these products may form an explosive mixture of air and dust. What are the dust-related hazards and what measures can be taken to prevent dust explosions? A brief overview and information sources are included in this white paper.

Food Safety Information Papers

In response to questions frequently asked of corn refiners, the Food Safety Subcommittee under the Quality Systems Committee of the Corn Refiners Association has developed several white papers on issues including allergens, chemical residues, foreign matter, mycotoxins, pesticides and transportation. These food safety information papers provide background information and general industry control/management measures regarding these issues. The papers are geared toward corn wet milling industry customers.

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