1/19/17 • General

CRA Releases Statement on Secretary of Agriculture Nominee Perdue

January 19, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC – CRA President and CEO John Bode issued the following statement on President-elect Trump’s announcement of his intention to nominate Governor Sonny Perdue to the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture:

“Dr. Perdue is an excellent selection to serve as Secretary of Agriculture.  A veterinarian and the son of a farmer and a school teacher, he genuinely understands American agriculture.  The agriculture community knows him as a thoughtful, caring leader who listens to all perspectives.  Selection of Dr. Perdue powerfully underscores the Trump Administration’s commitment to prosperity and opportunity in rural America.  We congratulate President-elect Trump on an outstanding selection to serve as Secretary of Agriculture.”


The Corn Refiners Association (CRA) is the national trade association representing the corn refining industry of the United States. CRA and its predecessors have served this important segment of American agribusiness since 1913. Corn refiners manufacture sweeteners, ethanol, starch, advanced bioproducts, corn oil and feed products from corn components such as starch, oil, protein and fiber.