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CRA Statement on Final Sugar Suspension Agreements

July 3, 2017

Washington, DC – Today the U.S. Commerce Department announced the finalized Sugar Suspension Agreements between the United States and Mexico.  John Bode, President and CEO of the Corn Refiners Association, commented:

“Secretary Wilbur Ross is to be congratulated on his thoughtful persistence that concluded in improved protections against unfair trade practices for sugar and protection of nearly 4,000 jobs dependent upon maintaining a vibrant corn products export market in Mexico.  This made the Trump Administration’s first major negotiation with Mexico a success. The Trump Administration protected U.S. economic interests while opening a positive, constructive dialogue with Mexico as efforts to renegotiate NAFTA begin.”


The Corn Refiners Association (CRA) is the national trade association representing the corn refining industry of the United States. CRA and its predecessors have served this important segment of American agribusiness since 1913. Corn refiners manufacture sweeteners, starch, advanced bioproducts, corn oil and feed products from corn components such as starch, oil, protein and fiber.