National Council for Science and the Environment

Education Session: January 25  11:30 am – 1:00 pm

The Emerging Bioeconomy: Implications on Health and the Economy

NCSE is gathering an expert panelist representing CRA, BIO, Field-to-Market and Roquette to discuss emerging trends in bioplastics and renewable chemicals, what effective policy to encourage growth looks like, and how to successfully educate the public on the benefits of advanced bioproducts.

In order for successful implementation of the global climate agreement, a bioeconomy will need to simultaneously address: new research and building on existing knowledge bases, creating a business friendly environment to spur innovation, training and recruiting an appropriately skilled workforce, establishing effective policy to encourage growth, and educating the public on the benefits of a bio-based economy.  The goal of this session is to inform a systems approach to several complex problems facing society including reducing healthcare costs, addressing climate change solutions, and finding a suitable replacement for our petrochemical-based economy.  Attendees will understand the benefits of transitioning to a bioeconomy and the challenges that face the adoption of the market model.

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