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Consumer Trends & Marketing Session: Tuesday, April 4 – 10:30 a.m.-11:20 a.m.

The Generation Game: Playing to Win the Most Customers

For decades, baby boomers have reigned as the most powerful generation of consumers. Now, just as millennials surpass baby boomers in population and spending power, the new kids on the block—Generation Z*—are coming of age and jockeying for a position of influence. To delve deeper into the story, GenerationWhy, an unprecedented new consumer research study, compares millennial consumers to older generations—and examines the influence Generation Z* kids are already having on their parents’ purchase decisions, both in the grocery aisle and at restaurants. What’s more, GenerationWhy divides millennials into four distinct consumer segments based on behaviors and attitudes regarding food, health and social media. The consumer landscape has never been so diverse. Learn more about consumers of all generations and discover how your brand can tap into their spending power—and their influence.

*Generation Z is anyone born after 1995 — a group scarred by recession economics and soaring college costs, yet embracing healthier lifestyle choices and higher education.

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