Did you know that corn refining is a leading source of bioproducts? That corn oil has become a top product to help reduce fats in numerous products? Or that over 90% of starches in the U.S. come from corn?

From food and beverage ingredients to pharmaceuticals to animal feed and paper goods, corn refined products have thousands of uses and are in stores across the world. With such widespread reach, it is easy for consumers to form various opinions about our products. That is why the Corn Refiners Association has made it a priority to help educate stakeholders on the benefits and facts about our products.

Since 2008, the Corn Refiners Association has actively engaged on this front, presenting information and research to our members’ customers, the scientific community, and consumers. We’re proud to be the voice of an industry that is on the forefront of innovation and plays an integral role in our daily lives.

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What do consumers need to know about high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)? 

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