Michael Anderson
Vice President, Trade & Industry Affairs

Michael Anderson serves as CRA’s Vice President of Trade and Industry Affairs.  In this role, he provides strategic and tactical leadership to CRA and its members regarding trade policy, statistical and co-products reporting programs, and industry affairs. He leads the Trade and Statistical Reporting Committees, coordinating policy priorities and objectives regarding trade and industry affairs, as well as ensuring timely and robust statistical data and industry reporting for CRA members.

Michael has significant experience in the international trade space, joining our team from the U.S. International Trade Commission, where he held positions as an economist, advisor to the Commissioner, and manager working on trade remedy investigations, free trade agreements, and trade policy analysis for the U.S. Congress and Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.  Previously he worked at the U.S. Trade Representative’ Office supporting U.S. trade negotiations and policy positions at the World Trade Organization.

Michael holds a master’s degree in international business from George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Utah.