The Biogenic CO2 Coalition is fighting for the fair, science-based treatment of annual farm crops by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to grow the American bioeconomy, create jobs, and boost rural America.


Our goal is to persuade EPA that the natural CO2 emissions from the use of annual crops should not be regulated the same way as CO2 from fossil fuels. The removal of this unnecessary regulatory burden would open opportunities for the development of renewable products, rural economies, the environment, and the broader bioeconomy while maintaining environmental protections.


The Biogenic CO2 Coalition represents a cross-section of agriculture and related sector constituents in advocating for sensible policies recognizing the carbon benefits of agricultural biomass.

Unfortunately, federal regulation currently ignores the life-cycle carbon benefits from crop‐based feedstocks, and instead treats carbon dioxide emissions from fermentation, wastewater treatment, and biomass combustion the same as fossil fuels. This puts America’s farmers and rural economies at a severe disadvantage.

The Biogenic CO2 Coalition focuses solely on feedstocks from annual crops.


Leaders Speak Out

The Biogenic CO2 Coalition’s petition for a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule that biogenic carbon emissions from agricultural crops are de minimis and should not be regulated by the same standards as fossil fuels is gaining broad support. See what state and federal legislators, ag leaders and business leaders are saying about the petition.



take action

Many communities in rural America are struggling to grow and add new jobs. But one single policy change from the EPA could unleash billions of dollars in investment. Help the food and agriculture sectors jumpstart the rural economy by sending a letter to Congress reinforcing the need for EPA action!