CRA supports food and nutrition policies that are based on robust scientific evidence, delivering measurable benefits to consumers. We strongly support policies that empower consumers to make healthy purchasing decisions while preventing misunderstanding and confusion. And, we believe that food and nutrition policies should provide real-world guidance, reflecting the needs of the majority of Americans.

CRA recognizes that, at current physical activity levels, most Americans need to reduce their total intake of calories, including calories from sugars and sweeteners. That is why CRA does not promote increased consumption of sugars or other caloric sources. Accordingly, CRA fully supports comprehensive, evidence-based efforts that encourage consumers to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles through dietary balance, moderation, and physical activity.

The state of American food and nutrition policy is constantly evolving. As the ever-changing values of the American public influence food and nutrition preferences, CRA continues to adapt to the needs of our members and consumers. Currently, CRA is focused on nutrition labeling, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and disclosures concerning bioengineered food (e.g., genetically modified organisms (GMOs)). In each area of public policy, CRA advocates for transparency and improvements to American health.