Internship Program

The Corn Refiners Association (CRA) is actively recruiting for its Internship Program. The CRA Internship Program is designed to provide current university students and recent graduates with practical experience and an introduction to careers in environmental policy, food policy, government relations, or trade policy.

Current Openings

Government Relations Internship

CRA offers our interns the opportunity for professional growth and development, assigning them interesting and in-depth projects, and exposing them to working professionals at all levels. Interns interact professionally with government officials, corporate executives, advocacy groups and more.

Read our CRA Intern Profile series to learn more about the talented individuals who gain valuable experience through our Internship Program. We’re also thrilled to highlight past CRA interns who have gone on to thrive in the world of agriculture, policy and more in our Alumni Profile series.

CRA Intern Profiles CRA Intern Alumni Profiles

Past participants in our intern program have had great things to say. Here are just a few select quotes:

“With an elevated emphasis on teaching, CRA exposed me to a plethora of invaluable knowledge and experience regarding both environmental law and policy as well as agricultural markets and sustainability. Educational and practical experience aside, however, CRA provided me with countless other invaluable life lessons and friendships of which I will not soon forget. In sum, working with CRA was truly a pleasure and an experience I believe will continue to have a profoundly positive impact on my life.”

“With my internship at the Corn Refiners Association I was able to gain a thorough introduction into the realm of Government Affairs and experience firsthand what life is like as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill. From the very beginning I was thrust into interesting projects that were more than just busy work. The small office and friendly atmosphere ensured that I never felt like ‘just an intern’.”

“This is a great opportunity to explore a diverse set of career options from environmental regulation, government relations, public affairs, trade, and food policy to name a few. I was able to network with high level government officials, corporate executives, and nonprofit groups from a variety of fields.”

CRA Internship Guidelines

As a CRA intern, you will:

  • Work directly in your field of study to gain valuable experience while developing the skills and knowledge that can take you to the next level in your education or career.
  • Work as a professional with CRA’s executive team and member companies.
  • Gain first hand knowledge of the food and agriculture industries, as well as government policy development.


The Internship Program at CRA is designed for recent university graduates and graduate students. Rising seniors performing at an exceptional level will also be considered.

Compensation & Credit

The Internship Program at CRA is a paid position. If you would like to receive academic credit for your internship please consult with your department head or academic advisor to learn about eligibility and requirements.