CRA has long been committed to the advancement of diversity and inclusion, the safety and well-being of our employees and addressing environmental challenges our industry faces.

We are excited to work together with our members and industry partners on the social and environmental concerns that are important to our country. To hold ourselves accountable for advancing our values, we regularly report to our Board and include a summary of our efforts in CRA’s annual reports.

Here you will find information on several social responsibility initiatives of the Association that represent just some of the ways CRA embraces our duty to community.

Social Initiatives

corn growing in a field at sunset

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion at CRA Following the social and racial unrest the United States experienced in the summer of 2020, CRA took stock of its organizational values and examined our impact on the community. This exercise resulted in adoption of a CRA Values Statement, which lays the groundwork for CRA’s ...
Corn Refiners Association office

CRA Values Statement

CRA values are committed to – Community We work to advance the people with whom, and environment in which, our members, industry, and staff work and live, defined by our commitment to those who share common values. Respect We listen and learn from all others to promote integrity in our ...
workplace safety awards

Safety Awards

Industry safety is paramount to CRA and its members, as it encompasses both the protection of industry employees, as well as our neighbors who live near CRA member production facilities. To recognize achievements in plant safety each year, CRA honors corn wet milling facilities across the country for their outstanding ...

Climate Initiatives

corn refining industry life cycle analysis LCA

Corn Refining Industry Life Cycle Analysis

Corn Refining Industry Life Cycle AnalysisOverviewCRA’s latest life cycle analysis (LCA), published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Energy Research in July 2023, provides a snapshot of the corn refining industry’s environmental achievements, impacts, and goals, and creates a roadmap for our members to further drive both upstream and short-term ...
Climate Change Policy Principles

Climate Change Policy Principles

CRA's Climate Change Policy Principles guide the industry’s advocacy to ensure a more sustainable future for corn refining, agriculture, and consumers. These five principles include: CRA strives to identify and undertake initiatives to reduce the overall carbon footprint of corn refining products and processes. CRA advocates that any greenhouse gas ...
Corn Refiners For Monarchs

Corn Refiners For Monarchs

The Corn Refiners Association is committed to helping restore and protect monarch butterflies through our partnership with the Keystone Monarch Collaborative. For the last two decades, monarch butterfly populations have been dwindling. Agriculture organizations, farmers and public agencies are joining forces to help the conservation and recovery of the monarch ...