5/29/20 • Advance BioGeneral

John Bode Discusses the Future of Corn Products

Plastic pollution is a problem for the future of our environment. America’s corn farmers need to find new markets for their products. We can solve both of these problems by producing more corn-based bioproducts that can compete with traditional plastics for market share.

On this episode of Wherever Jon May Roam, CRA CEO John Bode joins National Corn Growers Association CEO Jon Doggett, CBiRC Director Dr. Brent Shanks, BioCognito Principal Nathan Danielson, and NCGA Director for Market Development Sarah McKay to discuss the future of corn-based bioproducts.

America’s corn refiners make products that can be used in the production of hundreds of everyday items such as liquid hand soap, spark plugs, sweeteners, and much more. New biobased materials will increase demand for corn, offer low-cost alternatives to traditional plastics, and benefit the environment by reducing plastic pollution and carbon emissions.

With support from organizations like the Corn Refiners Association and Iowa State’s Center for Biorenewable Chemicals, researchers in the heartland are pioneering new uses for corn that will reinvent the future of manufacturing.

The panel discusses why America is well-positioned to drive the future of corn-based bioproducts, the numerous benefits of these biobased materials, and what needs to change for the corn industry to reach its full potential as a producer of plant-based products.

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