International trade supports millions of American jobs, drives economic growth and increases global competitiveness. The U.S. corn refining industry is a key player in international markets due to the abundance and quality of our feedstock. Many industries rely on U.S. refined corn products for their consistent quality and superior performance. In this edition of the Corn Annual, we explore the numerous near and long term opportunities for increased trade, as well as the benefits of trade to corn refiners, local communities and trading partners in terms of jobs, economy and food security. Download the PDF. View the flipbook.



A Sustainable Food System: Corn Refiners Play an Important Role The topic of global food security – meeting the nutrition needs of a world population that is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050 – has gained much attention in recent years. Corn refiners are taking part in this debate to ensure an abundant, nutritious food supply that promotes environmental stewardship and community health. As this edition of the Corn Annual details, there are many sustainable practices of the corn refining industry that we can build on to enhance the contributions we already make to a secure and sustainable global food system. Download the PDF. View the flipbook.



Updated 3/4/14 with industry statistics. Corn Refiners Association: Celebrating 100 Years As the Corn Refiners Association celebrates its 100th anniversary, it is a time to reflect on the legacy of the corn wet milling industry. Many hard-working, imaginative, innovative individuals helped build the industry — developing and perfecting products made from corn — transforming it into starches, sweeteners, fuel alcohol, oil, and bioproducts. With this edition of the Corn Annual, we aim to salute an exceptional industry by illustrating the progress that has been made in both the products of the industry and efficiencies gained in the manufacturing process.
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Made in America: Corn Refined Products Help U.S. Industries Thrive explains how many U.S. industries are able to thrive, in part, because of the versatility, functionality and affordability of the refined corn ingredients they require. Many of the products produced by the corn wet milling industry, such as corn starch, syrup and oil, are easily recognized ingredients used in many common foods Americans enjoy. Many of these same products also play a “silent” role in industrial applications.
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The Positive Economic Impact of Corn Wet Milling highlights the positive story of the integral economic role played by the members and employees of the corn wet milling sector. From the construction projects that accompany industry growth and initiatives, to the employment of tens of thousands of workers industry-wide, to our environmental stewardship of the resources we utilize to deliver corn-based ingredients, an impressive economic fabric is woven that strengthens rural economies, builds stronger communities and makes numerous products possible for American consumers. 


Telling the Positive Story of Corn highlights the efforts of corn refiners and corn farmers to create greater awareness of corn and the many products made from it. Ingredients from corn benefit our daily lives and meet an increasing demand for consumer and industrial goods and services. Both corn refiners and corn farmers are working to share the story of the tremendous enhancements that corn provides to society and the important economic contributions that stem from our industry. 


Contributions from Corn Refining: Creating Jobs, Improving the Environment, and Strengthening Communities, highlights the positive impact that corn refiners make in rural communities, through environmental stewardship, economic growth, energy efficiency, and waste minimization. The corn wet milling industry is a leader in environmental stewardship, while producing hundreds of products and ingredients that Americans rely on every day. 


Changing the Conversation about High Fructose Corn Syrup, focuses on the association’s multimedia campaign to correct the record on high fructose corn syrup and serves as a commemorative review of this extraordinary effort. Articles in the publication discuss the elements of the campaign and the science-based messages it employs to dispel the myths about high fructose corn syrup and highlight the nutritional equivalence between high fructose corn syrup and sugar. 


Corn – Part of a Global Economy, provides a glimpse of the importance of American corn to the global economy. Articles in the publication discuss the impact of export markets for U.S. corn as they relate to price, availability and policy; analyze historical exports of refined corn products to determine potential areas for future market developments; and review technological advancements that may help meet the needs of an expanding global population. 


Corn – Part of a Sustainable Environment, reviews the many ways that refined corn products can reduce our reliance on synthetic chemicals, petroleum-based products and fuels. Also outlined are sustainable practices that corn farmers employ to produce more corn, while reducing their environmental footprint. 


Corn — Part of a Healthy Diet, covers the many ways that corn-based ingredients, including corn starch, glucose syrups, high fructose corn syrup, corn oil and other organic and amino acids, are contributing to great-tasting food and beverage choices, some with enhanced nutrition and reduced calories and fat. 


Food Safety in the United States, highlights the cooperation between corn refiners, food manufacturers and the government to enhance the safety of the U.S. food supply and looks at how the food industry approaches food security as the nation’s awareness of potential terrorist threats has increased. 


The Future of Wet Milling, features articles on advances in wet milling technology including an enzymatic milling process, membrane applications and centrifuge technology. Identity preservation and the future of the grain handling system as well as new product developments are also covered. 


This edition of the Corn Annual focuses on industrial applications of refined corn products. Articles include a review of industrial uses of corn starch, industrial markets for corn starch and corn-derived chemicals, advances in enzyme technology as well as product reviews of polylactic acid and 3GT.