The Corn Refiners Association’s Internship Program draws an impressive group of young professionals and students providing them with practical experience, professional growth and development opportunities. Many of our past interns have drawn on their experience in the program to advance their professional careers. Check out our CRA Intern Alumni Profiles series to learn more.

Our CRA Intern Profile series focuses on these talented individuals at CRA and showcases their achievements. It’s an opportunity to learn more about their backgrounds and highlights of their time as a CRA intern.

We are also thrilled to highlight past CRA interns who have gone on to thrive in the world of agriculture, policy and more. Read our CRA Alumni Profiles.

CRA values its interns and endeavors to provide a learning experience that advances career development. Internships last one semester. Visit our careers page or follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about openings and opportunities.

Summer 2022 Interns

CRA Intern Profiles | Brynn Stevens
Meet Brynn Stevens, a Food Policy intern at the Corn Refiners Association. In her role, Brynn supports CRA’s VP of Food Policy, Allison Cooke and assists in the implementation of CRA’s regulatory food policy agenda. She also tracks key pieces of legislation and regulatory proposals to help in developing regulatory comments and builds analyses of critical issues as needed. In our newest profile, get to know more about Brynn! Q: How did you become interested ...
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CRA Intern Profiles | Olivia Wyrick
Get to know our summer 2022 Environmental Policy Intern, Olivia Wyrick! In her role, she supports the Environmental Affairs, Sustainability and Advanced Bioproducts divisions of CRA and explores environmental policy issues related to member companies. In addition to her CRA internship, Olivia is a student at Purdue University and is expected to graduate May of 2023. Find out more about Olivia! Q: How did you become interested in a career in the agriculture industry? Or, ...
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CRA Intern Profiles | Madeline Billet
We’re excited for you to meet Madeline Billet, CRA’s Government Relations intern for the summer of 2022! In addition to being a student at George Washington University, Madeline supports CRA’s policy staff and helps implement the legislative and regulatory agenda. Despite growing up without firsthand experience in the agriculture industry, Madeline’s time with CRA has shown her just how important it is in our everyday lives. Read on to learn more about Madeline and her ...
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CRA Intern Profiles | Vada Garcia
Introducing Vada Garcia, the Corn Refiners Association Trade Policy intern for summer 2022! In her role, Vada supports the CRA team by tracking and researching key trade developments in the U.S. and globally, identifying regulations that are relevant to CRA members’ operations. She also attends trade policy meetings throughout D.C. to deliver analyses on critical industry issues on CRA’s behalf. Q: What’s a typical day at work like for you? The first thing I do ...
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Spring 2022 Interns

CRA Intern Profiles | Georgia Parolski
Meet Georgia Parolski, a Food Policy intern at the Corn Refiners Association. In her role, Georgia focuses on supporting the CRA team and the Health and Wellness Committee on matters pertaining to regulatory affairs, nutrition, food safety, and food labeling. Q: How long have you been with the Corn Refiners Association, and what is your role in the organization? I have been interning with CRA since January 2022. I assist with CRA’s food policy agenda ...
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Matthijs Koster
Introducing Matthijs Koster, CRA’s spring Environmental Policy Intern! As an Environmental Policy Intern, Matthijs supports the Environmental Affairs Committee’s work related to federal environmental regulation and legislation and the respective impacts for CRA members. Additionally, he assists the Sustainability Committee, the Advanced Bioproducts Committee, and the Plant Based Products Council through writing issue papers, covering Congressional hearings and policy events, and providing analysis of environmental policy developments. Learn more about Matthijs below! Q: What do ...
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CRA Intern Profiles | Shayla Certain
Meet Shayla Certain, CRA’s spring Government Relations intern! As GR intern, Shayla supports CRA’s policy staff and helps implement the legislative and regulatory agenda. She attends hearings and meetings on behalf of CRA and assists with various initiatives and special projects. In addition, Shayla interfaces with CRA’s Government Relations and Communications Committees. Learn more about Shayla in her own words! Q: What’s a typical day at work like for you? I typically attend meetings with ...
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Lauren Koop
Introducing CRA’s Spring Trade Policy Intern, Lauren Koop! In her role, Lauren helps with CRA’s trade policy agenda by tracking legislation and regulatory proposals in the U.S. and other key global markets. She works with CRA’s policy staff to liaise with CRA’s Trade Committee and other associations, while assisting with any other initiatives and special projects that arise. A summa cum laude graduate of The Ohio University, Lauren will start a dual Master of Science ...
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