Upon the March 21, 2023, release of the highly successful Feeding The Economy economic analysis, inquiries from congressional offices were made about the availability of Feeding The Economy economic analysis at the county level. In a Farm Bill year, the more granular county-level data would provide a unique tool for policy formulation and advocacy. County-level data affords deeper analysis in rural areas, often more economically dependent on the food and agriculture sector.

We have taken the liberty of arranging for the development of county-level data, which will be accessible in a user friendly format on FeedingTheEconomy.com in late April or early May. We regard this county-level data analysis as a unique Farm Bill year endeavor, not to be performed in other years.

The additional analysis entails a cost of $15,000. Accordingly, we are passing the hat to fellow sponsors to help fund this work. If you do not want to contribute further, we understand and you will remain listed as a sponsor of Feeding The Economy without distinction based on contribution to the county-level data analysis. Naturally, we hope that you will contribute. We recommend your consideration of an additional $500.

We are confident the addition of county-level impact analysis will add value to the visibility of the economic importance of American food and agriculture, particularly as Congress considers a new Farm Bill.

We appreciate your consideration and the opportunity to further collaborate on Feeding the Economy.

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