You are invited to co-sponsor the annual update of the Feeding the Economy (FTE) economic analysis. is the premier resource for easy-to-use data demonstrating the significant role of the food and agriculture industries in the U.S. economy. The website provides quick access to national, state, and congressional district one-page reports – and a county-level spreadsheet – highlighting the jobs, wages, taxes, exports, and economic output generated by the food and agriculture sectors.

FTE receives press recognition throughout the U.S. and has won multiple awards. USDA Secretary Vilsack frequently cites and praises the study.

Sponsors will be listed on, named in a joint press release, and be able to submit a quote for consideration for the press release. Project costs will be divided evenly among the sponsors, with a per sponsor cost of $1,200.

Thank you for your interest. The sponsorship form is now closed so we can prepare for launching the 2024 study.