5/17/22 • General

CRA President & CEO John Bode Shares Insight with National Association of Farm Broadcasters

On May 3rd, CRA President & CEO John Bode joined the National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB) to discuss some of the leading issues impacting the agriculture sector. In an interview with Joe Gill, NAFB President-Elect and host at KASM radio, John shared his insights on the shifting dynamics of supply chains throughout the world economy and the implications it has on farmers and ranchers throughout the United States.

“I feel the Earth has shifted under our feet with the whole supply chain dynamic. As a result, supply chains all through our economy our being restructured. And it’s certainly affecting us in agriculture.”

– John Bode, CRA President & CEO

Although Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have sent shockwaves down the supply chain, he urges the agricultural economy to come together to overcome these obstacles. By stabilizing our transportation infrastructure and facilitating resilient supply chains by strengthening the agricultural bioeconomy, the industry can grow stronger together.

Listen to the entire interview below to learn more.