7/27/20 • Advance BioEnvironmentSustainability

New Video: Biogenic CO2 Explained

For more than a decade, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has neglected to recognize the distinction between natural carbon emissions from farm crops and those from fossil fuels. This has stifled investment, slowed job growth, and limited innovations in the bioeconomy.

That’s why CRA and the Biogenic CO2 Coalition released this video explaining the difference between biogenic CO2 emissions from annual agricultural crops and carbon emissions from fossil fuels. Further, the video takes a look at the opportunity EPA has to spur the revitalization of rural America with one rule change.

Fossil fuels release excess carbon that was trapped millions of years ago, but farm crops absorb and release carbon through a natural cycle that takes only six months to a year. By recognizing this key difference, the EPA could increase access to innovative plant-based products that are better for our environment and provide significant investments and job growth in rural America.

In response to bipartisan support in Congress, consensus from the scientific community, and strong grassroots efforts, the EPA should request public comment on the treatment of biogenic carbon emissions from annual agricultural crops, in order to open a critical window of opportunity for action.