Corn Refiners Association Response to Tufts University Study

WASHINGTON, DC –The recent study by Tufts University fails to show any link between consumption of sugar sweetened beverages and deaths from the chronic diseases diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. The authors of the study even acknowledge that this study is... read more

CRA Applauds House Passage of Trade Promotion Authority

Washington, DC – Today, the House of Representatives passed the Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015. The following statement should be attributed to John Bode, President and CEO of the Corn Refiners Association: “Today, the House made a historic move in... read more

Corn Refiners Applaud Legislation To Expand Trade With Cuba

WASHINGTON, DC – The Corn Refiners Association today welcomed the introduction of the bipartisan Freedom to Export to Cuba Act of 2015, which would allow for open trade and investment between the United States and Cuba. “The Corn Refiners Association applauds the... read more